VR redefines soft skills training

The auditing and consulting company, PWC, has conducted a scientific study on virtual reality and its learning effect


Today’s employers face a dilemma when it comes to training soft skills. These skill sets are crucial to achieve success in your working life, PWC writes. Their employees must learn new skills, upgrade existing skills and complete training. Given the current state of the world, they do not always have the opportunity to do so.

So how can the employer handle this challenge? Can training in VR be a solution? These questions formed the basis of PWC’s investigation.

One of the solutions is virtual reality

PWC’s research group consisted of new leaders, who were divided into three teams. Here, they were taught a concrete soft skill; ‘inclusive leadership’. Depending on the team, the class was either taught in a traditional classroom with a teacher, through e-learning or in virtual reality. Participants were then tested on their ability to learn as well as their ability to apply the new knowledge from the course.

The study concludes and emphasizes the value of VR for training soft skills. The leaders in the study felt, among other things, 3.75 times more attached to the material in the VR training compared to the leaders in the traditional classroom. They were also 275% more confident in practicing the new knowledge from the course.

PWC’s study confirms that StudyMind’s vision of VR training, among students as well as job seekers, can have an invaluable impact on the development of soft skills. We look forward to helping students as well as job seekers increase their personal impact when they go to exams or job interviews. With increased confidence and a broadened skill set, they can achieve their desired results and land their dream job.

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